11.5 minutes

  • 2222 | 4231 | timp | 3 perc | harp | pno | strings

Commissioned and given its premiere by the San Juan Symphony; Arthur Post, Music Director.

Somewhere in a southern Arizona mountain range lies the cave where I'itoi rests — an ancient god of the O'odham peoples. He is often depicted at the top of a labyrinth found on basket weavings and hieroglyphs throughout the O'odham Nation. One of the many stories describes him as the elder brother of a desert people who had lost their way in the world. Seeing that he was pure the creator warned I'itoi of a flood that would kill his people and he was set on the sacred mountain to bear witness to the disaster. Afterward I'itoi helped to create a new people, teaching them his arts and customs. But at some point, possibly in the midst of war, his people turned on him and killed him and his spirit retreated up the mountain. It is said that I'itoi's spirit comes down from the mountain and steals things, wreaks havoc, and always escapes through a twisting path which cannot be followed.