Greetings, I'm a composer, vocalist, pianist and improviser based in Boulder, Colorado. I teach at Naropa University and maintain a private teaching studio offering lessons in voice, composition, piano, improvisation and computer production. Currently I'm composing an opera, performing locally with bands and theater groups, and recording an album of original choral music in which I'm singing every part.


orchestral composition

These are from a site-specific concert created for the Park Avenue Armory's Tune-In New Music Festival. They feature the collaborative efforts of Paul Haas, Bora Yoon, Sympho, New York Polyphony, and the incredible reverberance of the Armory's cavernous Drill Hall.

overtone singing

This video of "Beyond Completely Gone" describes overtone singing in technical terms – something that's interested me for the last 5 years or so. This recording is from the premiere concert of the piece by Sympho and Paul Haas in 2010. Note: the very beginning of the piece is skipped for demonstration purposes.

jazz piano & vocals

This is from a Naropa University concert from 2013 featuring Ian Hutchison on bass and Josh Moore on drums. It features exclusively original compositions. We were lucky that Naropa's tech department captured that night.