In Your Shoes

12.5 minutes

  • 10 percussionists

Commissioned and given its premiere by the Ju Percussion Group.

I spent a summer afternoon wandering Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado with my wife and son. Pearl Street is an outdoor walking mall that features excellent street performers, similar to London’s Covent Garden, the New York City subway, Italy’s Piazza Navona, or Paris’ Montmartre. Naturally there is a lot of foot traffic and I noticed the wealth of expression in everyone’s style of movement and the sound of their feet. “In Your Shoes” explores that inherent musical nature of people walking about with a backdrop of street performers.

This piece has three main characters – Boots, Heels, and Slippers – who wear shoes that are loud enough to be heard (Limp is mostly comic relief). “Boots” is rigid, powerful, warring. “Heels” is fluid, mysterious, dancing. “Slippers” intuitive, receptive, curious.