18 minutes (in 2 parts)

  • 3333 | 4331 | 2 perc | pno | laptop* | strings

“Borders” uses the second movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony as a point of departure. Exploring canon, fugue, and passacaglia, the music invokes the real and imagined structures humans create for survival and identity development. As these forms coalesce into culture, the music’s attention turns to covetousness and militant protectionism.

*the composer performs the laptop part or may assist in its preparation based on an Ableton Live Set

These works have been modified from their original purpose, as a part of Sympho’s site-specific concert, ARCO, commissioned by the Park Avenue Armory. They were named thus:

  • Building: Part I, II, III

  • Aggression: Part I, II